Circuit Design

Schematics design is a most important and skilful process in entire electronic product development and electrical engineering design cycle. In this process we have to go through lot of thinking process to develop a good electronic circuit which compromises the best of cost, performance and time to market. With the years of experience, hard work and lessons learnt, we believe can deliver you the best electronic solution. Electronic circuit may consist of various sections such as analog, digital, high speed, power supply and RF. Our typical workflow for the circuit design process is as follow: 


Schematics Diagram Design

Schematics design is a process of drawing the interconnection wires between components symbols in EDA design tool to produce a working circuit.  Beside a good working schematics design, it is also import to well documented schematics. In Avetronix we  always ensure that follows our best practises guidelines in our daily design works.


Best Practises in Schematic capture:


·         To ensure every part has a unique reference designator

·         Always apply the same pcb symbol for the same device

·         Keep the text placement consistent, in term of size and orientation

·         Draft the circuit pages by major functional areas

·         Keep the schematic organized logically, in term of signal flow and port naming

·         Design the schematic for ease of printability

·         Place decoupling caps right next to the pins in the schematics

·         Provide adequate layout guidelines notes to the PCB layout engineer

·         Record title block, revision number and date on every page

·         Record the change history for every single change

Part Selection Criteria:

·         Lowest cost, without compromise the quality and performance

·         Part’s availability through at least two major distributors

·         Long term availability in the market

·         Check for End-Of-Life (EOL) Obsolescence notice

·         Short procurement lead time

·         Ensure the part is easy to mount and assemble

·         Alternative or backup part, direct drop in replacements in case of parts shortage

Circuit Simulation

We perform circuit simulation whenever it is possible prior to the prototype fabrication. Simulation allows the designer to determine the correctness and efficiency of a design before the actual circuit is fabricated. It is also save the time, cost and risks. We models the part by using SPICE netlist that available from the part’s vendor. 

Bill-Of-Material (BOM) Preparation

BOM consist of the production and purchase information such as reference designator, quantity, manufacturer part number, physical package information and placement option. We always ensure that the BOM has clear and concise informations to avoid misunderstand by our production facility. Among the important information is, the placement option for Do-Not-Place (DNP) parts where is has to be  clearly stated and revised upto date. We make sure that, Schematics vs BOM is 100% matched all the time. In the BOM we also provide a direct drop-in alternative replacement part in case of the main part is not able to